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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Apologies to the staff and regulars

Moving house is what expats do, it goes with the territory and ‘if’ that’s true, then I was born to be an expat.

I moved four times while living with my parents (that I’m aware of), while the boys were growing up I moved five times and this will be my seventh move since knowing Mr Sunshine. That’s sixteen moves in total, an average of once every three years. Statistics state that moving house is up there in the top most stressful things that you can happen in a person’s life, along with death or separation from a partner.

I’m not a big follower of statistic, yet it might explain why I’ve been acting a bit strange lately -stress can do funny things to a person.

I’ve made numerous ‘to do’ lists with links to web site and special notes. Sounds efficient? Nope, not really, do I actually need to list Esprit (clothes shop) in my 'must inform before we move' list.

I started finding things in odd places too, Sunday morning my ironing board developed Bambi legs. When investigating this cute wobble of my normally sturdy friend, I noticed I’d placed one of its legs in a bowl of yogurt. I can only assume the bowl of yogurt was on the floor because it didn’t fit in with any of my to do lists for that day and so had been removed from sight.
Yep.. ironing board and yoghurt combo

The yogurt wasn’t the only odd event but it was the straw that broke the camel’s back on Sunday. I needed to relax, calm down, chill out, loosen up (get pissed). However Mr Sunshine works on Mondays so drinkies in the Grote Markt were out of the question. Until – I had an invitation for coffee.

The coffee never materialised but the wine did, again and again and again. I don’t remember much but apparently I had a great time.

To the staff and regulars at the Cafe de Baron I would like to apologise for boring everyone with more stories of the Hairy Bikers Diet. I would also like to apologise for the dancing (hopefully not alone), wine assures me I have rhythm (Mr Sunshine assures me I have not). Finally would like to apologise for any confusion, while I’m sure in time we might all become great friends, it might not be quite so instantaneous as I indicated on Sunday. The invitation to Christmas lunch was perhaps a bit forward of me and as Mr Sunshine reminds me, we will be in the UK then so perhaps it will be a little far for everyone to travel.

Not sure what I'm thinking but I'm
obviously very pleased with myself
If this is what moving house does to me, it needs to be my last move for a while. This will be my fifth house since February 2010 and I need it to stop now. 

Is it just me or is Alfie smiling?


  1. Wine makes people better dancers. Always. The magical properties of wine do this and more. It has even been known to ALMOST crack Mr Sunshine's face into a smile.

    Keep drinking. Keep dancing. Keep ignoring Mr Sunshine.

    - yoyo in my anus

  2. Dear yoyo in my anus.. thank you for your supportive comments I'll do my best :-)


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