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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

UnoTelly review

A funny thing happened to me a few Weeks ago, I received an email. Okay so not the funniest thing in the world I admit.

But this email said: ‘I came across your blog and found it well-written and informative.’

My first thought was to check the name on the on the email, had it arrived in my email box by a fluke?  Nope apparently not, it was definitely me it was addressed to! So my second thought was ‘well-written and informative’ have they actually read my blog?

The next part of the email said: 'Hence, I am wondering what are the terms of you reviewing our new exciting product - UnoTelly, a perfect solution for USA and UK expats.'

You can imagine my third thought -  it has to be a con!

Well, this is the biggest shock of all – it isn’t a con, it works and it works well.

UnoTelly is a DNS-based system to allow people who live outside of USA to watch Netflix and Hulu. UK expats can on the other hand enjoy British channels (BBC iPlayer, 4oD, iTV, Channel 5) they miss. It works on all devices including Computer, Smartphone, TV, xbox 360, PS3, Roku, and etc. 

To begin, I rather tentatively set it up on my laptop (without the help of Mr Sunshine).

  • Step one – download – easy peasy
  • Step two – log on – didn’t work, I panicked and assumed it must be a con again!  Emailed UnoTelly to explain about the faulty system and received a very quick response from a Nick at UnoTelly.Com, who explained I needed the password, which he’d already sent with the last email and then apologised for the confusion.
  • Step three – log on – it worked!

I now have access to all BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and numerous American channels, I can also use the iplayer facility and watch Hairy Bikers and Antiques Road Trip at any time of day. The downsides? Hardly any, it’s very cheap, easy to set up and use, and I have access to all kinds of programmes I thought not possible before. If there is a downside it is that once or twice it froze, although this mainly happened when Mr Sunshine was playing an online game.

If you're interested UnoTelly are offering 5 coupons with 25% off.

Just enter LettersFromTheNetherlands at the checkout

What's in it for me, you must be wondering - Well - I get free access to my Hairy Bikers for twelve months :-) 

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